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Lptent Partnerships


LPTENT offers various partnerships to help ensure your team has the best hardware!

LPTENT is the partner of champions



Découvrez les partenariats LPTENT

For nearly 30 years LPTENT is involved in joint projects with associations, sports groups and other organizations. The goal of these partnerships is to put into practice the values of the LPTENT while providing support for individual organizations.


With associations:

Do you have a need for a hardware or expertise? Our teams are trained to meet your expectations. Folding tents, inflatable arches, Airtents, banners and more ... There are plenty of choices to meet your communications needs.

With our sports partners: 

We equip young athletes and professionals with custom stands.
For sports groups, we have products adapted to specific circuits like the inflatable equipment (arches and printable totems) or communication media (banners of different sizes, banners, barriers Vision).
Our experts will help you to install and develop your shelters to accommodate the public. We provide quality products ready for public reception for minimal prices.

Working with LPTENT is primarily: 

Experienced associates:
With over 25 years of know-how our experts share their event experience. Materials, scales, dimensions, everything is taken care of to help you in your approach to achieve a sensational result. 
Quality and Safety insurance:
Equip yourself with peace of mind. Our company specializes in compliance with CTS & EN13782 safety standards as well as CAN/ULC-S109 & US/NFPA-701 fire rating standards. Our trained associates will assists you in setting up your equipment, we take care of everything so you can enjoy your event. 

Brand & image:
LPTENT is a major player in the creation of tents and communication equipment. Our extensive industry experience has led us to partner with the leading brands; We've had over a hundred successful partnerships. 

Help yourself stand out:
We do not just only provide equipment, our associates will help you stand out on social networks. Come under the spotlight with LPTENT.

If you are interested in a partnership please contact our sales team at : 1.800.281.5020


LPTENT partenaire des stars du sport